Posted on November 17, 2017 by Manning Indoor Rowing

I am pleased to introduce 2 new time slots as well as some new workouts to the schedule!

The original “FIVE 52” 5 stage workout is still on the list as well as 3 new and different classes

An ideal workout for those looking to improve their 2000m pace and overall race fitness.
10min warm up at Rate 18 followed by 8 x 500m pieces starting every 5min after the warm up. The faster you go the more rest you get.

A true test of full body fitness. A 5km endurance row done at your own pace. Every Wednesday between 4 and 6:30pm. Try to beat your time each week!

ROWGA (Rowing Yoga)

Warm up on the C2 Rower then be guided through 8 static stretches designed to improve your flexibility and lengthen your stroke.

All classes are included in your 1 month subscription for $50 or individual classes for $10

Discount for 1 month subscription and individual classes for Members of Manning River Rowing Club

See new schedule below

Group Class Schedule